Male City Bike Tour


Have you ever wondered what to do on your last hours on the paradise?

We provide tours to the capital city of Maldives. Situated next to Maldives international airport within 8 minutes distance, it is the 5th most densely populated place in the world also known as one of the smallest and lowest capital city in the world. The city holds Maldives's 1/3 of the population and its most important landmarks including a stingray feeding point and a surfing view. the city also a great place to learn and discover the history of Maldives.

The best time for this tour is on the way to departure from Maldives, to avoid additional transfer and cost. Most of the tourists will take domestic connection from male' airport and some connection take 2-5 hours of waiting at the male' airport OR arrive early to the male airport by requesting at the hotel to arrange return transfer 2hrs earlier to the airport, and meet us at the airport, we also provide luggage store at the airport.