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A population of 515,696 inhabitants living in an area of 298 square kilometers, the Maldives is the smallest country in Asia and geographically one of the world's most dispersed countries. The country is divided into 26 areas called (atolls). Out of the total 1200 islands, people live in 200 islands. The average population of the islands is 2000 people. Some islands are inhabited with 400 people, but each every island is separated by ocean sea, which is why traveling between the islands has been always a challenge for us (locals) and visitors.

Challenges for the country

The Maldives was listed on the top 20 poorest countries of the world in the 1980s World bank report. In the past, the country was mostly depending on free donations. After the tourism started in 1972 slowly the country started growing and today the country is standing on its feet, but still, the dispersity of the country makes it hard for governing the country.


Transportation has been always a big challenge for Maldivians. To travel between each island a sea vessel is needed and during the bad weather the Maldives waves get as high as 10 feet, even today many small boats collapse aside and people lose their life in Maldives.

Drinking Water

There are many islands even today without fresh water for drinking and one of them is our homeland GA.Maamendhoo. Even today (27/02/2019) people collect rain water from the roofs. When the dry season comes and the collected water runs out, people will start using the well water, which is not very fresh.


The Maldives holds one of the highest literacy rates in the world. 98% of the people of Maldives can read and write, but the problem is not all of the islands has higher education. Most of the islands including our homeland does not have good facilities and many schools are up to the secondary level, which mean for higher education people should leave the island and the poorest people cannot afford this movement. This is also the reason why more people are attracted to the main city.


Similar to education, medical is also a challenge for the Maldivians. The biggest problem is dispersity because of that the government has to provide all facilities like (a powerhouse, hospital/clinic, school, etc..) for all the islands even for those islands with population of 400 people, when its bad weather it's not safe, expensive and many shutdowns the boats for the bad weather. A bigger hospital is not possible to operate on an island where a population less than 2000 people, that's why many islands have small clinics. Until 1998 there was not even a clinic in many islands, that's why many of our generations from those islands were delivered at our own houses, with the help of the neighbors.

The lowest country in the world

None of the Maldives' coral islands is higher than six feet (1.8 meters) from the sea level, makes it the lowest country in the world. It is in the risk of submerged into the ocean, at a high tide in the capital city the sea level reaches 7 inches.

IPCC report - Rising sea level and its effects on low islands

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Our target is to plant 1000 trees in local islands by the end of 2020, certainly not enough to reduce global warming, but we have to do something because we are the ones will suffer in the first place, due to rising sea level.

Soil Erosion

Being in the center of the world separated by a huge ocean, Maldives also faces a strong ocean current. This is believed to be one of the reasons for soil erosion. This is becoming a huge threat to many islands and its peoples. To protect these little islands, stone barracks are needed.

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If we become a success, this our target for the next 10 years, to start the project of stone barracks in our homeland.

Ocean Day

Even though the entire economy of Maldives depends on tourism, still negligence is part of the community. Many plastics are founded in the Maldives Ocean. In Maldives every year on June 8 the world ocean day is celebrated and some of the community service organizers arrange cleaning our house reefs and remove plastic from the oceanĀ .

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Our target is to involve in this event from next year by funding the organizers or by participating