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Maldives Transportation - ferry & Speedboat Transfer Schedules

First of all, each and every island in Maldives is seperated by the sea and there is no transportation network that connects the entire Maldives. Part of the country is connected by planes and another part is connected by sea transportation. To visit an island, you need a ferry boat or a plane transfer or both combined. The most commonly used transportation is the ferry boat transfers as these are the cheapest (1-5$ PP), which are fine for a short distance and good weather. To travel from one atoll to another, these boats will take a long time, even the speed boat takes 1-6 hours. That's why we do not have many options when it comes to travel from one island to another island. Unfortunately, that is how it is, even the locals have to suffer from traveling between islands. 

To understand the public ferry network, you will have to fully understand the Atoll names and island names. You will find same island names in different Atolls. Each Atoll has an internal ferry network, we call them (province ferries), this works just like a metro system. The difference is our ferries are slow and they can go one round per day, but it works just the same. It starts from one island and ends to another island, on the way, it will stop to some islands and the same ferry will return to the starting point after completing round. 

Now you understood the internal ferry system, so you can view the below schedules and try to visit some islands, but the problem is, how do you travel from one Atoll to another atoll? Sadly there are no public ferries connecting Atolls except the north central province, only the domestic flights are operated to travel between Atolls and many airports are built on uninhabited islands, that sit separate from other islands, so again another boat is required to get to your island. There are 18 Airports operated across the Maldives and all of them will have daily scheduled flights connecting Male airport. 

There are also some few private speedboats that connect some closeby islands to the Male International Airport. If we have any private speedboat ferries, you will see it under the province ferry schedules.

Note* These ferries are only operated in good weather, so incase the weather changes suddenly, these ferries can get cancelled without any prior notice. These ferries will only stops in inhabited islands, to go resorts you have to hire a private boat.

Upper North Province Ferry Schedule

North Province Ferry Schedule

North Central Province Ferry Schedule

Central Province Ferry Schedule

Upper South Province Ferry Schedule