Whale Submarine Tour Maldives

Book the only passenger whale submarine tour in Asia. Whale Submarine is also the world's largest and deepest diving passenger submarine. One of the best way to discover the underwater and marine life of the Maldives, for non-swimmers, children and elders. The capacity of the submarine 48 people for each dive.

Day Morning Afternoon
FRIDAY 11:00 14:30
SATURDAY 11:00 14:30
SUNDAY 11:00 14:30
TUESDAY 11:00 14:30
THURSDAY 11:00 14:30
Adult 80$
Child 45$

Male Jetty No 01 (map)

Passengers should arrive 15 minutes before departure time at jetty No. 1 (President jetty) or the airport. If you're taking the resort's transportation to the dives, arrive at least 30 minutes before dive time to check in at the Submarine's Floating Dry Dock on the diving site.

After you submit the form, we will add you to the schedule at the requested time. We will send a confirmation email to the provided email address with payment choices after we have reached the minimum required number of individuals.

This is the preferred option for clients staying in Ari Atoll or other remote resorts. Clients that have more than 3 hours at the airport can participate in our dives in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Our team will make certain that passengers do not miss their flight or arrive late for check-in. If you choose this option, you must provide the time of departure on your reservation note so that our staff can give your clients precedence. If you're staying in Male' Atoll and want to dive on Departure, your hotel can arrange for a speedboat to transport you and your belongings to our platform. We'll take you to the airport after the dive.

In Karlsruhe, Germany, Bruker Meerestechnik built a whale submarine. The submarine is piloted by Maldivians who have received certification. The Maldives' Ministry of Transport has given its approval to the entire operation. The air-conditioned cabin of the Whale Submarine has carried over 300,000 people and made approximately 10,000 dives. Because passenger submarines do not carry fuel and travel at a slower speed than airplanes, diving in one is safer than flying. Battery power is used to power passenger submarines. There are currently over 48 passenger submarines in service around the world, and there has yet to be a single mishap involving any of them. Military submarines, on the other hand, are prone to accidents due to the weaponry they carry. Our booklets contain all of our safety information.

Imagine yourself drifting through a tropical fish-filled aquatic landscape. During your 45-minute dive, you will have exactly this experience. The whale submarine will take you 45 meters beneath the surface to a sunken reef. The seafloor and several species of reef fishes were seen throughout the descent. The submarine is usually greeted by a school of blue or yellow-striped Snails on most dives.

We accept cash and all major credit cards for payment, which must be made in US dollars. Guests can pay on the day of the dive at the submarine platform, but if you want to pay in advance, you can pay to our guide before you leave for the submarine tour. This journey lasts 45 minutes underwater. Except on Mondays and Fridays, the tour is available every day.

Once you have made a reservation for a specific time, we will notify you of the check-in time, which will begin at Jetty No. 1 in Male' (the presidential jetty), where our personnel will meet you. We will transport you back to the meeting spot after the dive. Please note that if you choose, you can rent your own transportation to and from the submarine platform.

Join us on a 500-meter cruise west of Male' to see beautiful buried reed filled with underwater beauty. From this dive site, you may observe underwater tunnels, black coral, and over 100 different varieties of fish. Turtles are one of the main attractions, and they appear frequently.

Book a table at the World's First DeepSea Restaurant, which serves a buffet at 120 feet below sea level on the ocean floor.

The world's deepest diving, biggest passenger submarine is turned into an evening restaurant for this special event. After sunset, you will drop deep into the ocean in the dark and land on a sandy bottom 120 feet below the surface. The submarine's powerful external lights will illuminate the bottom. This 60-minute banquet begins with calm music in the background.

While you eat, the sharks and stingrays are fed a separate supper outside the submarine. As they forage during the night, keep a watchful eye on them via your window. It's a completely other universe!

deep sea restaurant maldives whale submarine

Whale Submarine is the only passenger submarine in South East Asia. Further, Whale Submarine is the world’s largest and deepest diving passenger submarine in existence.