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Company Registration: C0732019


We are a Travel Agency in Maldives

Maldives Tour Guide (MTG), founded very recently in 2019 is a Maldives travel agency and tour operator registered in both the ministry of economics and tourisms in the Maldives. We work with you to manage all elements of your travel an efficient, cost effective and ethical manner. Travel Maldives with US!

Our Story

MTG was founded by a group of childhood friends belonging to a local rural island, with a population less than 1,500 people, from the southern region of Maldives. Starting a venture together has always been a dream. We grew up swimming in crystal clear sea, snorkeling in radiant and extravagant reefs and playing on the white sandy beaches. These were only until we finished secondary school, which was the highest available education in the island, and had to part our ways for different career paths and education. We have always stayed in touch and after 10 years we have regrouped and founded MTG. Before establishing MTG, we reflected on our lives and came to an agreement that the best time of our lives were the days we spent "together" on the "sea, reefs and beaches", not just together and not just the places. It was both; the company and the place. This became the baseline for our venture and as travel agency in maldives, we are here to provide this to travelers and travel enthusiasts who are seeking vacations in the Maldives. MTG is a travel agent in Maldives committed to offering travel services of the highest quality.

Maldives being a low lying tropical country and considering the current climate scenario of the world, a lot of committed efforts are needed to be put to practice to protect Maldives and to sustain its tourism. As a travel agency in Maldives, we believe addressing the global concerns on environmental issues in its full capacity and to protect the environment is somethign that we should focus on.

As a tarvel agent in Maldives we offer

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This is how we can help you

We will recommend hotels based on your budget and concept choices.

We will discuss the differences in transfer techniques in the Maldives.

We will greet you at the international airport and assist you in locating your transfer.

We will make recommendations for entertainment and excursions.

We will plan your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, and vow renewal.

We will schedule all services, including taxes, with no hidden fees.

We will be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week during your Maldives vacation.

Full Name Position Address
Mohamed Waarish Managing Director Maamendhoo, GA.Atoll, Maldives
Shayad Saeed Director Maamendhoo, GA.Atoll, Maldives
Ahmed Almaas Director Maamendhoo, GA.Atoll, Maldives