Where Is Maldives Located?

Where is maldives located? The Maldives is a sovereign island nation in the Indian Ocean's north-central region at the center of the equator. The country's islands stretch more than 510 miles north to south and 80 miles east to west. The Indian mainland is roughly 370 miles south-southwest of the northernmost atoll.

Where is the Maldives islands Located?

With over 26 naturally created atolls, with over 1200 islands, and countless of smaller coral islands and sandbanks, this island nation is unlike any other in terms of geography and terrain.

Nearly 157 of the 1200 islands have been developed as tourist resorts, and people live by 200 islands. With so many resorts spread out across so many islands, travelers have plenty of options to pick from, based on their interests and what they want to see and do.