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Cheap Maafushi Island Airport Transfer

Maafushi Island Transfer

Maafushi is Located in south Male atoll. The distance from Maldives international airport is 28km. Maafushi is one of the famous local island for tourists. The local tourism project started in 2010 and Maafushi and Gulhi were the first islands opened for the visitors. Earlier than 2010, the tourists were not allowed to stay in local islands. The only direct Transfer from the international airport is by a speedboat and it takes 30-45 minutes trip by the speedboat. The transfer rate for one way per person is 20$ by public transportation. The transfers are scheduled more than 5 times a day and also private hire is available around 250$ for one way.

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Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island is the capital of the Medhu uthuru province. The island is also used as a prison. There are estimated 3000 people living on the island including foreigners. Maafushi is the most famous island for the tourists who are interested to stay in a local island. There are more than 70 guest houses and many activity shops on the island. The locals are warm welcoming and friendly.

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